​​Jeff Stauder

Essay on Utopia
October 1, 1995
Jeff Stauder

Article 1: These things freestanding and unwitholding to bring about great change. Emptiness unbeholden and unbowed and shed loose upon these great ends. Absolution and abbreviation forthwith and with divine incarnation. To these ends we therefore commit and do not yield or relinquish, for this is said and shall be held. This distribution of equity and beleaguerment cries beyond stated things mentioned here. All things being said our statement forthright shall stand  as such and attainable be. Lest other such great dividends not be paid as such. Our commitment to this is thus and shall not falter. Beyond these things we cannot see; and no attempt shall be made in pursuance of said purpose. This we believe just. Other beliefs withstanding not our logical impetus. For this purpose we set forth to establish greatness. 

Article 2: Upon drink and reclusiveness these things shall show. We have no doubt in this point. The following beliefs we hold to be a result as such. All things follow from this. At first desire shall be discussed. For desire is the great hunter and taker and follower that torments all as one. Therefore as one desire must be addressed. Eyes in this instance can be heard and must therefore be addressed as a necessary starting point. When as such we can proceed from this subject. It's so transfixed as many have thus experienced, it makes necessary as to free oneself from said beast. Not is not so attainable as the picking of fruit. Great care must be exercised in the pursuit of said goal, and even here, no guarantee shall be writ free from this document. When bull fires burn and pursue answers shame the real. Great concentration is that required. Capturing these things can cause great difficulty and belief is therefore tested. Upon this we shall try to build great endurance and thusly not falter for any reason. Let us step back. For we have all faced a similar problem have we not? Upon inspection we often change and become something unknown and certainly unread. This can be said twice. We must then commit to a new and pure course of action unforetold yet all the more real. Desire can cripple, and therefore it's legislation all the more evasive. If we cannot hold back or forbade these tides we shall be held in all powerlessness uselessly amazed. Upon this we must deliberate and commit ourselves forthwith. Because these sightings most often betray us and because we ourselves can not here be trusted. An open inquiry being useless as we know this to be so. The self constitution here lacking is  ill-advised by willpower. In this document let us set forth to solve this among other problems. If he or she be seen and talk to and talked about and talked among oneself, motives and realities must gain foresight here within. This importance lies not without. For here in this evaluation can all things unsaid therefore come to light. And in amongst such groveling our reality lies. For one that commits unjustly in said state belies much upon the rest of the committed. To discuss this can become unruly, yet our testament and commitment to this end remains one that is just. For in this document and in this article we shall then free ourselves from the untold  bewitchings of the past. We must therefore arrived at the crux of this, an essential point. Upon our commitments be no withholding of the genuine yet unsatisfactory conventional life. For we strive for many things, yet this farthest from them. To hold one as thy own or commit oneself to any other than these said principles remains consequentially unjust and therefore cannot be allowed under these circumstances. This document demands a clear eye and a pure response to this desire problem that faces us all at one time or another. The response as withheld belongs to a group of intangible realities that sets truth as the ultimate paradigm. We cannot underestimate the value given here to commit as one to this uncommon goal. This is perhaps our underpinning and our greatest strength and we shall not relent. Believing as thus we hold that this desire shall be controlled throughout our legislative fruition and we can then set forth upon our further goals. Do not rely on this as an unjust or creatured response. It is within this reality in which said problem can and will be mercilessly conquered and controlled. No abatement of this just appetite need be forseen or congratulated. This understanding follows from the greatness arrive to heretofore. As lack of our control of these and said other factors remains upright we shall with this document legislate as essentially unwarranted. 

Article 3:As pulses rapidly permit, this discussion must center on thirst and of our greatest needs. In this persistence let us allow the following argument to present itself as solution and absolution. For in this kindness we may find ourselves, all of we. This extends, and we shall remain here in discussion of this extension. For if this persisting thirst obeys an internal and as yet unexplained gravity it is for this  we shall gratefully rid. At first it is a way to absolve these needs we heretofore represent. At this we can be sure. And thusly it follows that this grave need the addressed in this form. For if this thirst remains unrecognizable we then allow for a certain measure of anarchy. It is to this we therefore commit. In this reality we bed ourselves and allow thirst to be uncommon among us. If this were all we should be grateful but the effect of said transition bellows fourth in three forms: the work, the head, and the rest. To allow for this transition takes great dexterity of spirit and is unsure among the best of us. With this document we allow for thirst to exist, only not in its current form, as we must find room for the rest. Callow and searching is the divine yet unresolute effect. In this we marginally recognize a banal need  to conform in accordance with this original thirst. From this point we must arise at the near end of perceived incongruity. It is to this limit that we are so justly called. Our crux and our commitment lie intact here. For it is from these thirsts that may arrive to identify our original thirst. In this way it may, and must, be conquered. Allowance belies all of our momentum. Resting upon our thirst we deny correct and narrow pastures. Timing might here demand resolute and concerned response. It is within this document that it may so be found. A rough and unholy venture may wax and wile away unrelented. Beginning with our response we call on these revelations to undo this thirst. If nothing else, we have solved the challenge of belief. Therefore we cannot be denied the truth and purity  of these our deeds stated heretofore. The uneven and unbellowed recompense shell duly be received upon built principle. Can there not be anything that satisfies more generously. Thirst can delay and recoil and confound and for this we can be equally amazed, confused,  and fused with great vigor. The importance here is the earnestness of the thirst and it's working ambiguity. Restlessness belies this underpinning formality. If we are not to measure ourselves by this then by what measure shall this thirst persist  or desist. In our self-congratulation we connive roots that impart mere gloss of mercy. This falsely directs the real into a fallow and partitioned reality. For this we must and can resist. Opening wounds to till beyond belief grates and mellows all things unequal. Therefore to quell and make remote all these things impales the spirit beyond our mere rationality; for this remains a problem primarily of surface. To dig beneath our imported thirst vapidly jests our further nature. There will be those who vainly resist the question. The question implodes all assumptions. Thirst can be wicked yet imparts nearly all cries for the foul and necessary crimes we hold as essential to our nature and our wholeness. To remove oneself from this debate confounds a terrific and a essential argument. To discredit takes no time, to remove the dermis and expose the wholeness of ignorance and greatness remains our true objective here. This too requires this tricky thirst that both repels and attracts us. It is in its correct management that we may find nothing more than what has been revealed within this article. To import or craft another word would truly inflict no damage on the drafters of this great document. For in our wholeness we commend those of dry throatedness call them our own though they may resist this just designation. We therefore commit to this line of action as a true and beholden thing. Unrepentant are we of this good. Cracks can commit errors unseen before, but glass can confound all the same, even under the microscope of circumspection. It is no veil. For in this clarity we emit a resolute and palatable sheerness of will and manner that is undeniable by any. Forthwith, let our thirst not convey any creature that befits all regality and circumstance. It is our near thirst in which we may then find the purity of our drink. And  in this moment experience life as first and be bound within our oasis. Having defined the purpose and character of thirst we can follow towards the necessary conditions contained within the following articles as this suits our argument. 

Article 4: Upon our absolute confidence in aforesaid articles do we place domain in our continuance of said objectives. For if Utopia  is a fallow and escapable beast, so we must remain forthright. It is to these ends we pursue are known directives under attention from our constituency of man. It is among this that we breach further inclinations and broach the subject of listlessness. As appearing inopportune and likewise unfortunate we redirect. For this is truly both a manageable and solvable consequence. In listlessness can we find all slayed dragons of our dear revolt. The convex dissolution reacts mightily but not without suitors nor symptoms. Flagging these abrupt changes is the welfare fluent and resolved with correct and swift railment. This seems clear. The simplicity here relies upon our true conviction and genuine belief that all things in motion can continue unheeded despite our best efforts contrary. This belief needs swift re-examination as listlessness dwells under all things, most of all in allowance for consequence. All consequence thusly heeded then said problem too remains docile and flaccid. These consequences remain threefold. Firstly a just willingness to absorb and abstain from mutual offering. Secondly a continued sense of care and duty exercised upon the willingness of supervised subjects. Thirdly a formidable sensation deriving from common memory and brief death experience. Of three said consequences it seems a brutal and unreliable situation to be immersed within. Herein lies the difficult illusion to bring akin to this, our common objective. This complication dissipates within the structure of the inherent problem. For as in one, as in all, this listlessness recoils and cannot benefit from subdivision or restriction to particulate structure. The dissolution therefore remains a singular problem without outreach necessary only to correct the first consequence. The elimination of mutual offering will suffice and shall be accomplished with relative ease. A forbearance and resolution befits our great ends. The mutual offering of these deeds shall henceforth not be tolerated at any level, juncture, or impulse. For surely we can see this solution as preferable to a visitation upon the second consequence, and the third consequence remains primarily and in all probability eternally in unapproachable one.

Article 5: Our necessary proceedings forward, we move to discuss the resolute nature of glitter and all things that shine. The hypnotic effects of such objects is of no dispute. In attention to these phenomena we are called to lead and bring about a counteracting force. It is to this end that we therefore commit. For to allow continuation of episodes in which ourselves, our populace, becomes as such transfixed delays and suspends the necessary pursuit of the articles contained herein. Distraction, retraction, removal; all these things being as such natural states of recognition we carry out to observe the motor dysfunctory residue encased without. This is no small matter. The presence attributed here is a calling force, exorcising itself within all things made to attract and contributing ultimately to decline and lacking generally. Our response has thus far been an embrace. This is far from the necessary removal of the cognitive damage inflicted undulating and bearing about. The lack of forward perception and correct coding and classification remains a tragic one. In no way can this phenomenon be tolerated, condoned, or accepted. The eye responds in a delicate fashion, notwithstanding relative chance and knowable good perceived here daily. For what place, it must be asked, have our hands for delaying and ultimately stopping forces of attractive destruction? All things envelop, and leave residue unpatrolled and unbarred from foregone restriction. It is therefore in our very hands to obstruct and therefore to construct a new perceptive process in which said activity ceases to envelop. Obviously this is not so easily done. Perhaps we should allow such things, it will be argued, in deference to the attraction here connected to all foreseen natural conclusion. This argument does not address the destructive capacity of our perceptive erosion in the midst of these forces. If we proceed with caution we are defeated from the very beginning as such. It therefore follows that we shall pursue our original and most forthright course to rid ourselves of this most unwarranted and undesirable condition. This being so accomplished, our obstruction aside, we may address more pressing matters.

Article 6: Upon further deviance let us not pretend. For if it is indeed our true and right nature to suspend and then permit, we follow course thusly, and to this point let our distractions not burrow further. We therefore gather to turn our discussion to the resolute and mutable characteristic of need as to sorrow. For if this need persists we shall not continue, and therefore great dialogue mere illusion. Through this fine article we shall see that this need not be the case. Boldness ensues sorrow. Sorrow patterns corrupt and penniless call unto all men fallen and likewise the few uplifted. If we for a moment grant that this condition is illusory we begin to unwind it's beastly manifestation in this state. Calling a beast a beast cannot be the end of its corruptible face; as we know and have seen so often. Checking this influence calls upon greater and immutable abilities contain here and within our great document. The futility of just recognition then said we turn to follow a greater course of action. If this beast remains unattended our great lesson is circumspectly moot. Craning for more we locate two standard directions and therefore pledged to eradicate both sides of this uneven and tricky duality. A body shines; this is the first condition. Secondly, creeping allows marrow to roam unattended. To the shine we direct ourselves forthrightly and without reservation despite its most tricky nature. For we cannot simply eradicate the shine and thus lure and kill the dread beast. To kill the shine is to dispose of many things necessary to the completion and fulfillment of the destiny confined herein. The shine is directed in four paths and it is to these paths we must address. The southward path is the charter of duplicitous danger and is therefore channel to said beast. We gather and distribute at varied intervals. Sometimes in a seemingly erratic pattern. If we curtail our stubborn and quick judgment and begin to accurately chart this development we will find that this directional shine is in no way unpredictable. Anticipation of southwordly directional shine is essential in its eradication. With empirical data collected we can circumvent the development of said condition through a number of means; sedation and/or confinement being the principle methods. In this way southwardly directional shine can be completely eradicated while preserving the productive directional forces inherent in all men. The second condition relates to the creeping of subjects and this activity's allowance of the unattended path of marrow. This is relatively a simple fix but no less essential than directional imperatives. For if marrow roams without conscience then the sorrow problem continues unattended and unbowed. To impede creeping seems the most simple solution yet this obviously would yield unintended and unwelcome side effects. If we examine the marrow problem we see a clear and resolute solution. Marrow drinks freely and therefore flows. Attention is given thusly and all is well; except of course in the case of creeping. A monitorial system must therefore be imposed during the commission of this activity. The activity itself is closely regulated, the monitoring of marrow could be imposed with strict provision. This, combined with the suppression of southwordly bodily shine would completely and finally implode the mutable characteristics of sorrow. At the root, the core; at the core of the soul; the death of the root blocks the unnecessary problem of sorrow and all it's earthly manifestations. From this point we shall therefore ponder the remaining problems and declarations needed to resolve these great strains. Upon these words we shall divide into one and hold fast these great truths and at last be one and whole. In furtherance of this great destiny let us continue two other cruxes in the sore need of our just and due attention.

Article 7: Our attention and focus in due mind, we carry further into questions of great importance. Without further delay, let us move forward in this great discussion and propel our higher calling thusly. For without which follows we surely fail; yet with this knowledge we persist in bounds. Our subject, therefore, moves to relations between self and place, location versus execution. This matter is not so easily resolved as to quaint existential " I am where I am, I am who I am", for location whether general or local, denies this fact. Place, in short, matters greatly. First, we burn, not brightly, but among ourselves divided yet subliminally true. Second we shout, not for sure need of belonging but for indignation not justly or rightly received or perveyed. We swing therefore generally and justly binding good nature to roots unheeden and touched to belong. Steadfast we remain course and proclaim our place, our right and duly, though unsaid, our destiny. This lies in weakness and as problematic must be cleansed henceforth. Creating chance defies knowledge of grounding. Through our transitions We manifestly belong. In new discovery we create selves unaccountable to our true need. By beckoning soul we lose face. Terribly, and stricken we regroup in moments unbound to our true nature. Buy crime and sullen acts we relieve yet fail to solve quandaries thus discussed here. To belong, in transition, persist, we gather forth our true right to capture our bliss. As a due community if we force this issue and follow proclamations contained herein we easily and permanently resolve this problem of self and place. The base of our assumptions gathers force and controls needless indecision. Truth belongs to just gods, ours therefore. Firstly in transition we gather our totality greatly, and our delusion thus lessened. Without comfort, we remain detached, but not from ourselves. The danger of security shines brightly. This vulnerability carries a weight not perceived often, one often mistaken for bliss: it's true mortal enemy. True nature, unbeholden, sleeps in isolation. Grounded as we within, without being a peripheral and baseless distraction. Seemingly conversely, yet established in truth, it Is by constant motion that through placelessness our real self lies. In motion we are therefore true and wholey distracted by identification to place, i.e. comfort. The realization and necessary action implied, while uncomfortable following our great in insecurity, is shamelessly obvious. We must need, direct ourselves into a true identification with self in order to maintain a perfect community. This is accomplished only through a rejection of self/place, self/location identification, whether this be specific and targeted or general and encompassing. True identification can only be maintained through placelessness, and this requires constant motion and alienation of the general populus. In this way each self, in transitory epiphany, welcome to true identification -  an essential step in realizing the goals contained herein this great document. By realizing self through constant motion and upheaval, we therefore can turn our attention to the following documents. 

Article 8: Our proceeding issues now come to clear resolve, we further our great dialogue by brandishing unanswered questions of necessary significance. For without his said confrontation our past premises and diagnosis fall into a listless futility. Let this not be the case. We now turn our heads to confront the seemingly unassailable problem of blankness and all of it's unhinged offspring. For blankness is a most tricky adversary and presents itself in many similar and subtle forms. It is not to the absolute nature of blankness that we should have trepidation - although we shall not underestimate that power - but it is to the variety of incarnations that hold us unable to differentiate or destruct this power. Holding strong we must and forthrightly maintain a due course in our pursuit to define this enemy. It is indeed  among us always, biding its time and circumventing the resolute goals of this great document. Let us then identify where blankness dwells, then it's power, and more importantly the power of its many incarnations is truly subverted. As discussed earlier, location implicates self, let this be also applied to the nature of blankness. There are three primary and two secondary dwellings in which this property may be found. Firstly the primary; to which in faces rectified and untold we find the horror circumscribed. The first location is resolutely under, yet shall not be unearthed. Instead we shall remain in conscious and constant awareness of its persistence there; thereby removing its power. Second primary shall be found in all revolving space and therefore all such places fitting this physical condition must be found and destroyed without yielding to this power whilst disassembling this persistence. Third primary occurs in peripheral spaces and can be defeated quite easily by each member of the populus maintaining direction without peripheral distraction. We now move our attention to the matter of secondary blankness location. Let us not be mistaken, these locations must be equally consumed or our earlier victories made futile. We classify them as secondary only to the quality of their rareness, not as to their inherent danger, as to which be assured they are equally so. The first is carried in the air through the exhumed pain of others. This requires a fundamental policing and weeding out of all offending parties. The second is wrung from untold documents in which the service of said blankness is an unpostulated yet underlying principle. These documents shall be destroyed forthwith in order to achieve our great aims. These five locations are all, and maintain the survival of the blankness. Through the routing out of location we shall cease to be affected by the condition described herein. The attainment of this necessary measure will constrict the general condition so greatly as to make specific incarnations of no use in practicality to the identified beast. This accomplished we can move on to more pressing issues. 

Article 9: The passing of these great ends so perceived we pursue the furtherance of our right said gains. For what has called has been caused, and upon which this foundation flourishes, nurtured grow without abatement. As we follow on to these ends we shall pursue and comb upon the specific in order to prevail without doubt or trouble. In conjunction with this necessity we turn our attention to things buried and all regions generally below. For objects buried cause much consternation, and perplex and confound, narrowing the span and aim that we dutifully pursue. The underground falters, collapses, and in whimsy May sear into the intentions of man. All untraceable and unseen yet the existence and negative impact upon intentionality felt daily. This condition shall not be allowed continuance. For cause, mere cause, intention, mere intention, motive, and mere motive are the subjects of this netherworld of activity. Under its tutelage the populus controls little of the active roles of intentionality and said cohorts. The true purity and care given this problem may unseed this great power and relinquish it's activity to irregular and useless vibration. Earlier proposed causes of action included the unearthing and disposal of the vile offenders. This action would wreak havoc, as the process would increase the power of those objects left unearthed. A great transference would centralize and multiply the impact making man purely and solely the servant to the whims and desires of the nether offenders. Let them lie where they lie and present the solution on a different plane. For this is the only effective manner in which to placate this power. The crux of this lies at the moment in which undesired communication with regions beneath occurs, and more precisely it is the location where our true solution may be found. For communication cannot be accomplished in any way through travel associated with open air; atmosphere. This is why undesired communications originate below. The transference of these energies occurs through the toes of the unknowing victim. Upon which intentionality is a lost power to said subject. This undesirable condition allows for the fruition of negative intent separate from the subject that manifests itself in countless episodes of negative and unwanted behaviors. It is to the moment of transference that our solution lies. In attending to the toes we can prevent these destructive communications. The solution, though fairly simple, requires great monitoring and a commitment of undivided care. For the hygiene of the subject at the point of contact is the determining factor at which a communication may or may not occur. Therefore with great diligence, a required monitoring and clearance must be administered several times daily. The essential area obviously is the aforementioned point of contact, but other areas as well shall be similarly monitored in order to assure a true separation with this dreaded problem. With this system in place and guarantees of a clean, and therefore unhostable populus a certainty all shall be intentional and forthright, with no concern as to the objects beneath ground and generally all things below. For the attainment of those things thought in the articles of this great document this is a necessary inconvenience; one whose final reward is undebatably desirable. For in our commitment we find justice's answer beckon forth. This matter resolutely settled and a plan of effective action achieved we can now move on to other essential articles contained herein. 

Article 10: Nothing creates such restless passion stirred and tormented as the matter to be discussed, and oh to control for steadiness of spirit made necessary in this moment we proceed. For it is in our true moments of weakness that we do fall prey to this dread predicament and lift not ourselves without great distress and the hands of time only. For this document even to discuss makes difficult pains paid by given author and reels in pain yet it is given truth in order to achieve our necessary aims. Though to pin down and control makes us none the better, just temporarily able to permit our other articles completion. This problem so duplicitous and dubious, foiling in great measure and holding us unaware and without justice. A definition of this great enemy not forthcoming due to limitation empirical and eternal let us only describe internally condition symptomatic. As a stirring, a weight, begins here in our flank, middle section and we wince at relative thought embodied by existing motivating predicament. Yes, this matter remains are only truly metaphysical condition. Yet we shall not remain powerless in the face of this. We shall gather force and confront without known origins and placate; and slowly evaporate this horrid enemy. For we do know that it breeds within. In its surges we possess but cannot possess what causes this surge: this is the root of this pain excruciating. Try thus an existence maintained by constant activity firstly. If this not satisfactory move away from dread situation and find philosophically reason to defeat this horror. If not adequate then thirdly find comfort in true diversion. This we hope enough to distract victimized subject from wounds unbound. In most instances, however, this even three remain not enough. In the fourth instance long dormant periods may assist the hands of time yet in certain cases may cause further aggravation. For this reason the fourth territory shall be tested on an individual basis. If dormancy does not sustain or is not a reasonably helpful agent in alleviating this great pain, further tricks must be employed. A fifth attempt may be made through placebo replacement, in this way a substitute may function as distraction enough to allow for the completion of alleviation by opening channels for our second solution to behave more effectively. The placebo shall then be disposed when said demon defeated. To wait helplessly for the hands of time can be effective yet too often is employed firstly and wallows in drains throughout: this should be employed sixthly, only due to failure of previous attempts. In all cases drink may soothe or aggravate and cannot be counted on because its effects unpredictable. In all cases where drink is employed, it should be combined with other discussed solutions, that excepting the waiting of time, in which case the two should never be combined. In the last condition, violence may provide a temporary relief, but should not be employed until all other matters exhausted entirely after several attempts and then so to the self firstly, to the other in gregariously extreme circumstances only. In these cases though, one's own judgment is not sufficient and can only be ratified Define objective, rational, elder third party. For this wrenching unholy condition destructs all wanderers in it's devious path and cannot be explained, excused, or justified. The mystery to be defeated in discussion here by our great document may be found in the avoidance of subjectification to these forces originally. In this way solutions need not be found. This additionally will allow subjects to concentrate their due attention on matters discussed in other articles. In all cases the development of this most ignoble condition must be avoided at all costs, as its salvation remains, though not unsolvable, essentially elusive. 

Article 11: Upon our great accomplishments we shall not rest yet shall eager pursue with diligence completion throughout. In this way this great document shall be brought to bear in majesty's fulfillment. Utter not of incompletion for that which persists unaddressed shall be made clear in this instance. The gnawing abated we shall see the golden light of righteous fulfillment made. Address we must facility, and in short gleam solution upon its face. Facility made thusly shall be held twice in fist and given hold shall be cast into stone. In stone we shall keep vigil and make all facile give explanation or acceptance not be made. Confront we must the issue of the tactile and our fascination towards made into sickness. Limits behold this issue and shall take forthwith not yielding. For in this image we partake not of its destruction but of limits set and not unbound, set in strict accord with sea levels and correlations to prevent said indulgent sickness. Take on we must the issue of realization and illusion, close sisters that must be torn apart. Realisation made to ground and belief suspended, the strict devotion to the tenants of our previous ten shall necessarily address and prevent the joining of these evil twins. Prevail we must against dissolution as to sanity and without bitter bread mistake the clock within. For this we shall each and all take vigil and sturdy custody of each domicile for one time or another, once yearly, providing no opportunity for such dissolution to be nurtured. Lastly we issue no credence to enemies uprising against the dictates of this great document. Defined as such they seek to weaken the whole by violating the individual tenants here told. We shall identify and wash away the influencer by banishing such agents, where they have no such power to defeat the achievement of our great Utopia. 

Article 12: Our problems put forth and made to stew in the heat of our unfailing stare we given here have this great power. No longer shall there be fear, hate, sorrow, malice, and greed. The articles of this great document present this clarity with all celebration provided to the populus. We fail not with this great guide written here this day and night of October First in the year designated nineteen hundred and ninety five. Let us from this day forth declare a year one in our new great era on this date in the previously designated nineteen hundred and ninety six. For on this date implementation shall find completion and as one behind these holy words we shall rest upon the greatness contained herein. Let us no longer doubt our own power to transform to these heroic ends. For surely the rabid and accelerating dissemination of this faultless document shall sweep unabated and gain it's righteous and unchallenged perch in grand alignment with our need and being. This there can be no doubt. For as we cry to read these words given thusly so unselfishly we are lifted and rescued all knowing this need fulfilled finally and in completion made true to shine forever. Let us see this great celebration in the light of our dark past and make all to bear witness to the greatness throughout now achievable and surely to be achieved. No evidence barren we salute and prevail said gains translucent in our posterity here this date made eternal. We selfless and giving unto this preside in great warmth and promise, for failing we shall not. All power given thus with excellence and pain unbound. Let us adhere to these things without need for reference. Instead let us memorize this contract without her selfhood and our brothers and sisters. All with the power within shall find the tools to prevent even the smallest dissolution of this great document. No one shall cast asunder the powers made with these words on this day as we all shall have each exact word herein ingrained internal with great bliss therefore bellowed forth. We trumpet here a new day without worry or finality. We call to any doubter, if there be any, and then of us few, abd ask this individual to take in these words: to eat them, to sing them, to hold them, to take them into their heart and the truth shall not yield two such minor resistance. We hold as one this document as answer to all that has unrighteously plagued us and permit none its weakness falsely challenged. Greatness giving here on this day, on this tablet. Let us rejoice in this harmony fallen upon us. For Utopia is now ours, among us, upon us, and throughout, without doubt we shall see to these words and their great truth made to bear under the guidance of this we submit. It is rightly so and therefore praise.